Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions at the Department of Business Regulation (DBR) post all public meeting agendas and minutes on the website of the Rhode Island Secretary of State.

Please review and click on the below link to the Secretary of State’s website to review its agenda, minutes and information regarding upcoming meetings. In addition, you may click on the applicable links below to the Rhode Island General Laws (RIGL) to search the Board or Commission in which you have an interest and to review the underlying statutory authority for each Board or Commission.

Auto Collision Repair Licensing Advisory Board

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-38-2: § 5-38-2 - Duties of department of business regulation.

Board of Accountancy

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-3.1-4: § 5-3.1-4 - Board of accountancy.

Board of Examination and Registration of Architects

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-1-3: § 5-1-3 Board - Membership - Appointments and term.

Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-51-2: § 5-51-2 Board - Creation - Composition - Appointment, terms, and qualifications of members - Duties - Compensation.

Board of Registration for Professional Engineers

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-8-3: § 5-8-3 Board - Creation - Duties - Composition - Appointments - Terms

Board of Registration for Professional Land Surveyors

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-8.1-5: § 5-8.1-5 Board of registration for professional land surveyors - Membership, appointments, terms, and vacancies

Certified Constables' Board

Statutory Authority

RIGL 9-5-10.6 Certified Constables' Board

Real Estate Appraisers Board

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-20.7-4: § 5-20.7-4 Creation of board - Composition - Appointment, terms and compensation of members.

Real Estate Commission

Statutory Authority

RIGL 5-20.5 § 5-20.5-12 Creation of board - Composition - Appointment, terms and compensation of members