Mobile Food Establishments (Food Trucks)

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Rhode Island Commerce Corporation Information and Steps to Start and Register an MFE:

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The Department has received multiple requests and questions regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages with an MFE Registration. Regulation 230-RICR-30-35-1 subsection 4.C prohibits the sale and/or service of alcoholic beverages.


The RI Fire Code now requires all Food trucks operating with propane and an electrical system to be equipped with a Propane/LPG Gas Alarm. These alarms must be UL 1484 rated and installed according to the manufacturer's guidelines. The alarm shall be tested monthly.

LP gas connections shall continue to be tested before each use and whenever LP cylinders are changed out and these tests must be documented in the log on the food truck.

The Division of Commercial Licensing and Regulation is responsible for the regulation and licensing of Mobile Food Establishments statewide. The section reviews both new and renewal license applications to insure that applicants meet all licensure requirements and that proper fees have been remitted.

If you have any questions, please email Commercial Licensing