Liquor Enforcement and Compliance

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During the holiday season, we receive many inquiries regarding which holidays a Class A licensee (liquor store) may be open for business. Per Rhode Island General Law § 3-8-1: Sales on Sundays and holidays: Places operating under a retail Class A Liquor License are not authorized to be open for the sale of alcoholic beverages upon Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Please note: When a legal holiday is celebrated on a Monday, the preceding Saturday shall be considered the holiday eve.

The Department of Business Regulation’s Division of Commercial Licensing has regulatory oversight with respect to the manufacture, import, export, storage, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. The Department issues licenses to manufacturers (breweries, distilleries, wineries, rectifiers), wholesalers, marine vessels, railroads and airplanes, and to class P caterers. All other liquor license types are considered retail licenses and are issued by the city or town where the business is located. City/town decisions on liquor licenses may be appealed to the Department in accordance with R.I. Gen. Laws § 3-7-21.  

The Division reviews applications, assesses and collects fees, conducts inspections, investigates complaints, and conducts enforcements with respect to regulated entities.

Scheduled Hearings on Municipal Liquor License Appeals

Date Time Subject Location or
Zoom Access
Case Number
Dec. 19, 2023 9:30 a.m. Narragansett Casino, LLC vs. Town of Narragansett—Status Conference Preferably, join by clicking here;
Meeting ID: 838 7886 4115;
Alternatively, by phone:
888-788-0099 US Toll Free OR
+1 646-558-8656 US (New York)
TBD TBD Estiatorio Fili, Inc. v. Providence Board of Licensing—Continuance Request TBD 22LQ012
TBD TBD JMA Inc. d/b/a Mezzo Lounge, Appellant, v. City of Providence Board of Licenses—Motion for Stay TBD 23LQ007

Scheduled Hearings for DBR-Issued Liquor Licenses

There are no scheduled hearings at this time.

To request sign language and/or CART services for the deaf and hard of hearing, please contact DBR via email or via telephone at (401) 462-9551. We strongly encourage you to do this at least 5 business days before the date of the scheduled hearing to allow adequate time to process your request.


DBR cannot comment on pending or prospective license applications. When a public hearing is scheduled, it will be displayed on our website, as well as published by newspaper. As stated in the FAQ, "the hearings are open to the public;" and "the Hearing Officer will hear comments from the public" and "determine the appropriate level of participation per the applicable procedural rules." Therefore, please reserve any comments you have about a pending application until the time of the public hearing. Please note that during the COVID pandemic, DBR will be holding public hearings on new liquor license applications via Zoom. Members of the public may join the "virtual meeting" or join by telephone; instructions will be displayed on our website. Members of the public may also submit comments on the application in writing within ten (10) days of the hearing date as permitted by the Hearing Officer.

Alcohol Server Training Program

Manufacturers: Brewery, Brewpub, Brew on Premises, Distillery, Farmer Winery, Rectifier, and Winery

Wholesalers: (Class A, B, and C)

Class P Caterer and Class G Airline, Railroad, Marine Vessel

Agents and Salespersons

Change in Ownership or Change in Location

Certified Alcohol Server Training Programs

Updated 12/11/2023

Course Contact License No. Expiration
Professional Server Certification Corp. Rserving Responsible Serving of Alcohol Hannah Olsem,
1-800-247- 7737;
200 12/31/2023
Alcohol Intervention Methods—AIM Dan Trent,
(508) 756-8542, Email;
Rochelle Campbell,
(508) 877-0105
201 12/31/2023
sSTOP, Inc. – Server Training on Premise Frank Faubert,
(401) 943-5454,
(401) 419-6222 (cell);
202 12/31/2023
Health Communications, Inc. (TIPS – Training for Intervention Procedures) Nicole Blosse,
1-800-438-8477, ext. 390;
203 12/31/2023
Responsible Alcohol Service Kerin McPherson,
(401) 374-4362; Email
204 12/31/2026
National Restaurant Association, ServSafe Heather Singleton,
(401) 223-1120; Email
206 12/31/2023 Edward McLean,
209 12/31/2023
ABC Server Training Sam Block,
1-800-222-5777, Ext. 247;
210 4/11/2025
USERVE Arsen Karagoz,
(302) 209-7457, Ext. 011;
211 2/20/2026

Municipal Annual Report

The Division has updated its annual liquor license report form for municipal reporting pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 3-5-27. If you would like to obtain this form in Excel format, please email

This is due on December 1 of each year. ALL active liquor licenses in the municipality should be reported (not just those granted since the last report). The last data point, "money received" refers to the licensee fee collected.

Municipal Annual Report

We understand that many cities/towns use a licensing database with the ability to pull an excel type report that contains the information set forth in this form. If your city/town has this capability, feel free to submit your database generated report in lieu of this form.

Division Annual Report

In connection with the reporting requirement set forth in R.I. Gen. Laws § 3-5-27, the Division is providing the below link which quickly generates the most updated report showing the number of manufacturers and the number of wholesalers with the corresponding licensed premises addresses:

Updated Report

  • Click on Liquor Licenses Issued by the Department of Business Regulation Click on the license type you wish to generate a report on: (Brew on Premises and Brewpub and Farmer Winery and Rectifier) OR (Liquor Manufacturers (Brewery and Distillery and Winery)) OR (Liquor Wholesalers (Distributors))

Please note the Certificate of Compliance renews yearly on November 30th. The online renewal portal opens yearly on September 1st.

Any renewal completed after November 30th will incur a late fee.

Complaint Form

  • If you have a complaint against a liquor business, use this Complaint Form. The Department reviews complaints and conducts any investigation and enforcement it deems appropriate, in its discretion. The Department cannot comment on pending investigation/enforcement.

Enforcements and Decisions