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Professional Athletics

The Division of Gaming and Athletics is responsible for the regulation of professional boxing and mixed martial arts. It is also responsible for the collection of related taxes and fees as defined by state law.

The section promulgates separate rules and regulations for professional boxing and mixed martial arts; monitors the conduct of all professional boxing and mixed martial arts events; collects state taxes for Professional Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Wrestling; issues licenses for professional boxing and mixed martial arts; and oversees the licensing of contestants for said events.

— Christina Tobiasz, Gaming and Athletics Administrator

Licensing Information

PLEASE NOTE: When applying for an Athletic Referee/Judge Occupational License, all necessary requirements are taken into consideration. The following requirements must be completed:

  • You must file your résumé with the Division of Gaming & Athletics prior to submitting your application online. All résumés should be emailed to

    Peter Timothy.
  • Résumés must include, the position applying for, your past experience in that position, and your current email address. You must obtain approval, from the Division of Gaming & Athletics, to file an online application.
Avoid the paper pile-up — Apply for a MMA or Boxing License Online!


Individuals must log in to the state’s website following all instructions in order to obtain a license for the calendar year.  All licenses will expire on 12/31.

You will be asked to register as a first-time applicant, or as a renewal. Always apply as a first-time applicant, never a renewal.