Gaming and Athletics Enforcement Actions

Type In the Matter of Date
Decision Kyle Harris Adopted 11/09/22
Decision Hakeem Emmanuel Adopted 10/03/22
Consent Agreement Bapashri Inc, d/b/a MOOYAH Burgers Adopted 05/23/22
Consent Agreement MLPII INC d/b/a SUBWAY Adopted 10/12/21
Consent Agreement Bapashri Inc. d/b/a MOOYAH Burgers Adopted 09/15/21
Consent Agreement REBECCA WHITE Adopted 08/27/21
Consent Agreement KEVIN HENSON Adopted 08/25/21
Consent Agreement JONROCLINE LLC d/b/a JOHNNY ROCKETS Adopted 06/04/21
Consent Agreement SAPTAGIRI LLC d/b/a SBARRO Adopted 03/17/21
Order of Dismissal NELSON BAEZ Adopted 02/02/21
Final Order HAROLD TUCKER Adopted 01/19/21
Consent Agreement NICOLE COOKSON Adopted 07/21/20
Consent Agreement KEVIN BAPTISTA Adopted 01/17/20
Consent Agreement MATTHEW MAHER Adopted 01/02/20
Consent Agreement RENEE GAUTHIER Adopted 08/28/19
Consent Agreement APPLE VALLEY R.O.B.C.O Inc. d/b/a KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN/TACO BELL Adopted 07/17/19
Consent Agreement JOEL KOLODOFF Adopted 07/01/19
Consent Agreement ENRIQUE OQUENDO Adopted 06/13/19
Consent Agreement JAMES V. BURCHFIELD, SR. Adopted 05/29/19
Consent Agreement TWIN RIVER WORLDWIDE HOLDINGS, LLC et al. Adopted 05/16/19
Decision MAURICE BYARM Adopted 05/14/19
Consent Agreement XIAO HONG CAO Adopted 02/27/19
Consent Agreement APPLE VALLEY ROBCO d/b/a KFC/TACO BELL Adopted 07/12/18
Consent Agreement JONROCLINE, LLC AND RAMON BAEZ DIAZ Adopted 05/04/18
Order of Dismissal CHRISTOPHER WYDRA Adopted 07/18/18
Decision BAHER ANDRAWIS Adopted 06/11/18
Decision CAROL COMSTOCK Adopted 01/23/18
Consent Order MATTHEW REGO Adopted 10/13/17
Final Consent Order Imposing License Conditions TIMOTHY SANTIAGO Adopted 07/07/17
Consent Order Granting Conditional License LUIS GARCIA Adopted 05/22/17
Order of Dismissal CAMERON BURROUGHS Adopted 05/01/17
Consent Agreement JESENIA GEREROSA CARRASQUILLO Adopted 02/27/17
Interim Order of Suspension MATTHEW REGO Adopted 10/27/16
Decision TYLER MENARD Adopted 06/07/16
Decision SHANIECE JASMINE DEL SANTO Adopted 06/07/16
Decision ALISHA PILKINGTON Adopted 08/24/15
Decision KIMBERLEY ALBRO Adopted 07/16/15
Decision ARAYA BRINKLEY Adopted 07/16/15
Decision MARIAZINHA PINA FONSECA Adopted 07/07/15
Final Order of Revocation LUIS PABON Adopted 05/29/15
Decision JOSHUA VELAZQUEZ Adopted 05/22/15
Consent Agreement ELIZABETH NOTORIANNI Adopted 05/20/15
Decision ALEXIS TATE Adopted 05/06/15
Decision REBECCA LEON Adopted 5/06/15
Decision MELANIE BIESECKER Adopted 05/06/15
Decision DIOVANNI ITRIZARRY Adopted 04/22/15
Consent Agreement KATHLEEN BONER Adopted 04/16/15
Decision LIQIANG CHAN Adopted 04/15/15
Decision JORGE ZELAYA Adopted 04/14/15
Decision MENKYO VY Adopted 10/28/14
Decision CHERRIE FIELDS Adopted 07/15/14
Consent Agreement SUNTIME CITY, INC. d/b/a JEAT? NOELLI HERNANDEZ and LUIS GONZALEZ Adopted 07/14/14
Final Order of Dismissal ISAIAS ARRUE-CORLETO Adopted 01/07/14
Final Order of Dismissal PATRICK ALBARRACIN Adopted 01/03/14
Consent Agreement PATRICK ALBARRACIN Adopted 12/31/13
Decision KUNG JOE KEDJUMNONG Adopted 09/23/13
Consent Agreement DONNA F. MILLETTE Adopted 08/14/13
Consent Agreement BLADINE R. BIOSSE Adopted 07/16/13
Decision PHILIP JOHN DRUKEN Adopted 04/18/13
Order of Revocation SUNEET TALPADE Adopted 02/07/13
Emergency Suspension Order ROBERT W. HERSEY Adopted 11/28/12
Default Judgment RENE GARCIA Adopted 05/18/11
Decision UTGR, INC. Adopted 10/18/10
Consent Agreement JONROCLINC, LLC, AND JOSEPH HERNANDEZ Adopted 09/30/10