Rules & Regulations: Commercial Licensing & Gaming & Athletics

The State of Rhode Island is in the process of transitioning regulations to an administrative code system.  The Department of Business Regulations has been assigned Title 230 and the Commercial Licensing Division has been assigned chapter 30.  All regulations as displayed below have been reformatted and changed to the citation format 230-RICR-30-xx-xx.  As regulations are reformatted the Department will update the following chart with hyperlinks to the reformatted regulations.  Any questions concerning the process or the status of a regulation should be sent to

Chapter Sub-Chapter Part Former Number New Citation
30-Commercial Licensing 05-Auto Body 1- Automobile Body Shop Storage Rates Commercial Licensing Regulation 3
Effective: 9/24/09
    2- Motor Vehicle Body Repair  Commercial Licensing Regulation 4
Effective: 3/17/16
Effective: 10/26/17
    3- Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Commercial Licensing Regulation 5 230-RICR-30-05-03
Effective: 1/25/17
    4- Automobile Body Shop On-Site Inspection Standards Commercial Licensing Regulation 15
Effective: 2/26/09
    5- Auto Wrecking and Salvage Yards Commercial Licensing Regulation 6 230-RICR-30-05-05
Effective: 10/8/17
    Motor Vehicle Body Repair Technician Certification Repealed Terms incorporated into 230-RICR-30-05-2
  10-Liquor 1- Liquor Control Administration Commercial Licensing Regulation 8 230-RICR-30-10-1
    Brew on Premises Repealed Terms incorporated into 230-RICR-30-10-1
    2- Alternating Proprietorship and Contract Production Regulations   230-RICR-30-10-2
Effective: 3/30/22
  15-Mobile and Manufactured Homes 1- Mobile and Manufactured Homes Commercial Licensing Regulation 9
Effective: 12/19/01
  20-Real Estate 1- Real Estate Appraisers Commercial Licensing Regulation 10
Effective: 4/15/14
Effective: 9/28/17
    2- Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons Commercial Licensing Regulation 11
Effective: 10/3/13
Effective: 10/26/17
    3- Appraisal Management Companies N/A 230-RICR-30-20-3
    4- Short-Term Rentals N/A 230-RICR-30-20-4
  25-Unit Pricing 1- Unit Pricing Commercial Licensing Regulation 13
Effective: 4/24/06
  35-Mobile Food Establishments 1- State Registration of Mobile Food Establishments N/A
Effective: 7/01/19
  40-Certified Constables 1- Certified Constables N/A
Effective: 2/24/22


Chapter Sub-Chapter Part Former Number New Citation
30-Commercial Licensing 30-Gaming and Athletics 1- Boxing Racing and Athletics Regulation 1 230-RICR-30-30-1
Effective: 8/29/18
    2- License Applications Racing and Athletics Regulation 8 230-RICR-30-30-2
    3- Criminal Background Investigation Racing and Athletics Regulation 9 230-RICR-30-30-3
Effective: 10/8/17
    4- Simulcast Wagering Racing and Athletics Regulation 6
Effective: 1/2/02
Effective: 10/26/17
    5- Wrestling Racing and Athletics Regulation 7
Effective: 12/19/01
    6- Mixed Martial Arts N/A
Effective: 12/24/19