Patient and Caregiver Resources

Click Here to Order Plant Tag Certificates

The Act requires all medical marijuana patients and caregivers who elect to grow medical marijuana to obtain a Plant Tag Certificate before commencing with home grow of medical marijuana.

Each Plant Tag Certificate displays the number of Plant Tags someone has elected to obtain. The Plant Tags are sold in sets of two; one immature plant and one mature plant. Each set is valid for one year and costs $25.00. If a patient is verified by the Dept. of Health as being a Reduced Registration patient the $25.00 is waived.

Please consult the Medical Marijuana Plant Tag section of the Medical Marijuana Program – Final Rules and Regulations for the full list of rules and regulations for Plant Tag use.

Patient Resources

Medical Marijuana Patient registration is handled by Department of Health. For more information about obtaining a Medical Marijuana Patient Registration or renewing an existing one please visit the Dept. of Health website. 

Link to Department of Health Website

Dept. of Health Contact:
Phone: 401-222-3752

Caregiver Resources

Caregivers are persons that a registered Patient appoints to grow for them and purchase Medical Marijuana from a Compassion Center. A Caregiver must order at least one Tag Set after receiving their Caregiver card to be compliant. If you are only purchasing Medical Marijuana at a Compassion Center for a Patient and do not intend to grow you should become an Authorized Purchaser and not a Caregiver.
Caregiver registrations are currently issued by the Department of Health. For more information and the Caregiver application form please see the Dept. of Health website. 

Link to Department of Health Website

Cooperative Cultivations

Effective 7/1/2019, except for previously licensed cooperatives, cooperative cultivations are no longer permitted.
Previously Licensed Cooperatives please email for the Renewal Application