Industrial Hemp Program

The Office of Cannabis Regulation licenses Industrial Hemp Growers, Handlers and Dual-Grower/Handlers to grow and/or manufacture Hemp and Hemp Derived Products in the State of Rhode Island.

Applications and Forms

For the Industrial Hemp Renewal Application the Hemp and CBD Licensee Key Staff Id Application and Change Forms see the Applications and Forms link below. 

Applications and Forms

List of Licensed Industrial Hemp Growers/Handlers/Dual

See below for a list of Licensed Industrial Hemp Growers/Handlers/Dual in the State of Rhode Island

Industrial Hemp Licensees

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Please be advised that Office of Cannabis Regulation at the Department of Business Regulation has proposed to amend the Rhode Island Industrial Hemp Program regulation, 230-RICR-80-10-1. The notice and proposed amended regulation can be accessed through this link. This filing is being made pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-35-2.11 (Direct Final Rulemaking) because the Department expects the amendment to be noncontroversial.  Any objection to this amendment must be filed no later than June 11, 2022, or the amended regulation will take effect on that date without further proceedings.