The Office of Cannabis Regulation licenses Medical Marijuana Cultivators to produce Medical Marijuana products to be sold at Licensed Compassion Centers.

Please note that the application period for cultivations is currently CLOSED.
Per the Act: § 21-28.6-16(o): “Effective July 1, 2019, the Department of Business Regulation will not reopen the application period for new medical marijuana cultivator licenses.”

Metrc Website

The below link will direct you to the Metrc Website for Rhode Island. You will find helpful trainings (including the New Business Metrc Training) and additional resources.

Applications and Forms

For the Cultivator Renewal Application the Marijuana Licensee Key Staff Id Application and Change Forms see the Applications and Forms link below.

Applications and Forms

List of Licensed Cultivators

See below for a list of Licensed Cultivations in the State of Rhode Island

Licensed Cultivators


Cultivator Notices